Mission And Vision

Our Mission:

To provide professional healthcare services up to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. 

Our Vision:
To be one of the most sought out medical clinics in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. 

Service – To deliver high quality medical services to our patients in a professional manner.

Teamwork - Our success is based on the continuous hard work by our team.

Respect - Treat others like you expect to be treated.

Integrity - We are committed to ensuring the highest level of integrity at all times.

Value people - We value our team members and encourage their development.

Excellence - We strive to excel and exceed patient's expectations by being positive and passionate about our profession.

Quality Objectives

London Consulting Medical Center (LCMC) will continuously improve the effectiveness of the established management system by measuring and revising the quality objectives and targets.

Therefore, LCMC will:

 - Conduct an appropriate health assessment for all of its patients;

 - Employ only licensed and HAAD-certified staff;

 - Provide high quality services to our patients. The quality of services will be continuously monitored and improved by LCMC management;

 - Evaluate the key performance indicators focused on patient satisfaction and match them with plans on how to meet the quarterly target statistics;

 - Comply with applicable legal/statutory requirements of the Government of UAE;

 - Maintain patient relationships, satisfaction and trust by understanding and caring for our patients and through providing quality service;

 - Establish communication system to address patient complaints and inquiries;

 - Continuously improve the professional relationship between our Management team and staff; and

 - Conduct annual management review of our processes, services and our quality management system.