ENT (Ear Nose Throat) Clinic

The ENT department treats diseases related to the nose, sinuses, throat, larynx and ears.
It can treat the most complex conditions medically and, if required, surgically. Some of the common problems treated are sinusitis, tonsillitis, hearing disorders (including otosclerosis), glue ear syndrome, etc.

Following procedures and tests are available in LCMC – ENT Clinic

⦿ Rigid Laryngoscopy⦿ Flexible Endoscopy Larynoscopy⦿ Micro Suction Clearance of Ear⦿ Removal Foreign Body/Ear⦿ Audiogram (Hearing Test)⦿ Pure Tone Audiometry⦿ Acoustic Reflex Testing⦿ Impedance⦿ Removal of Foreign Body of the Nose⦿ Nasal & Sinus Endoscopy⦿ Naso Pharyngoscopy Rigid Fibroptic⦿ Nasal Cautery⦿ Maxillary Sinus Wash Out⦿ Pinna Incision under L.A.⦿ Lesion Excisionon Face under L.A.⦿ Myringotomy⦿ Fractured Nasal Bones Reduction under L.A.⦿ Quinsy⦿ Nasal Packing under local anaesthesia⦿ Aural Polypectomy under local anaesthesia⦿ Naso-Sinus Polyps Endoscopic Removal⦿ Extensive Nasal Polyp Removal under L.A.⦿ Drainage Abcess (Nose)⦿ Biopsy Intranasal⦿ Grommet Insertion under L.A. (Adults)⦿ Foreign Body (Ear) under L.A.