Dr. Sameh Salama

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Department : Cardiology

Dr. Sameh Salama is currently a Professor of Cardiology at Cairo University. He had his Doctorate degree in Cardiovascular medicine in  2002 from Cairo University, after finishing his training on Coronary interventions and intravascular imaging in the United States (University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida) from 1997 to 1999.. He is a fellow of the Society of Coronary Angiography and Interventions (SCAI), member of the Egyptian and European Societies of Cardiology as well as the Egyptian Hypertension Society. He is also a member of the Executive Board of the Egyptian Association of Vascular Biology & Atherosclerosis. His main interest is in Coronary interventions and intravascular imaging, having numerous publications in this field in reputed journals.

Dr. Salama has more than 20 years of experience in the diagnosis and management of:

  • Hypertension
  • High blood cholesterol
  • Heart failure
  • Palpitations and all types of arrhythmias
  • Chest pain
  • Acute coronary syndromes
  • Heart muscle diseases
  • Valvular heart diseases
  • Peripheral Vascular diseases
  • Adult congenital heart diseases
  • Coronary diagnostic/ interventional procedures
  • Follow up and rehabilitation post open heart surgeries
  • Performance of non-invasive cardiac work-up procedures (adult echocardiography, 24 hrs heart rate monitoring (HOLTER), ambulatory 24 hour blood pressure monitoring, treadmill exercise testing, CT coronary angiography)