Mrs.Maria Simona Basescu

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Clinical Psychologist

Maria Simona Basescu is Clinical Psychologist who graduated with excellence the Master of Clinical Psychology from United Arab Emirates University.

Maria has a great experience in helping children’s, adolescents and adults dealing with various mental conditions such as anxiety disorders (Phobias, OCD, Panic disorder, GAD, SAD, etc), Mood disorders including Depression and Bipolar, Trauma and stress related disorders including Adjustment and PTSD, Sleep disorders, Sexual Dysfunctions, Personality disorders, Addiction disorders, Couple/family issues and others

Maria is well-versed in any type of comprehensive assessments including cognitive, emotional, behavioural, personality, bariatric surgery and kidney transplant integrating data and observations, interviews, and other sources. She also writes professional psychological assessments reports.

Her favourite quotes are “Never stop learning because the life never stops giving you lessons’ and “You are what you think.”