Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking


If your last attempt to quit went up in smoke, you are not alone. Most people try eight to 10 times before stopping. This new Harvard Medical School guide puts the odds in your favor. It will show you how to quit — and win!

When you quit, you win

Why is tobacco so dangerous?

Tobacco's toll on health

Dangers of secondhand smoke

Benefits of quitting

Obstacles to quitting

And more!

You can be an ex-smoker!

In the United States today, ex-smokers outnumber smokers. In this new downloadable guide, Harvard doctors share 23 tools, tricks and tips that can make a big — and lasting — difference.

These steps will give you a leg up on the hurdles you’ll face. You’ll discover effective ways to conquer withdrawal symptoms. You’ll be introduced to helpful options for breaking the habit. You’ll find how to avoid weight gain...how to enlist positive support ...and a proven resource that can double your chances of quitting successfully.

The guide reveals the best tools for the “trade.”

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) can help you through the cravings.. As symptoms ease, you can wean yourself away from all nicotine, including NRT. But which products are safest and most effective? The guide compares today’s patches, gums, sprays, and more. Plus, you’ll get frank assessments of the leading prescription medications including Chantix, Wellbutrin, and Zyban.

You’ll be ready...willing...and able!

Quitting takes a game plan. The guide highlights the best “quitting times.” You’ll find the one thing you should take out of the house — and two you should put in. You’ll discover practical diversions to sustain your determination. And you’ll learn how to maintain your resolve in tempting situations.

You’ll get the guidance you need to make the break!

Quitting isn’t easy. But nothing you can do for your health pays such dividends. Whether you have put it off...whether you have tried to stop only to start again...you can quit.