Diagnostic Procedures

Diagnostic Procedures


Diagnostic Radiology Procedures for Breastfeeding Patients


It is the policy of London Consulting Medical Center- Radiology Department to routinely ask all women of childbearing years if they are pregnant or breastfeeding in all areas of Radiology, with the exception of Ultrasound.

If the patient indicates that they are not breastfeeding, routine imaging proceeds.

If the patient is breastfeeding:

1. For non-contrast exams, routine imaging proceeds.

2. For all IV iodinated contrast and gadolinium, the contrast administration to the mother is considered safe for both the baby and nursing mother. Mothers who are breastfeeding should be given the opportunity to make an informed decision as to whether to continue or temporarily abstain from breastfeeding after receiving IV contrast.

3. If the mother remains concerned about any potential ill effects to the infant, she may abstain from breast-feeding for 24 hours with active expression and discarding of breast milk from both breasts during that period. In anticipation of this, she may wish to use a breast pump to obtain milk before the contrast study to feed the infant during the 24-hour period following the examination.