Mouth and Gum Problems

Mouth and Gum Problems


Swollen Jaw

1. Place a cold compress to the area swollen

2. Call the dentist immediately as you may have an infection and need to be on antibiotics

Small black lesion

1 This could be an &ldquo amalgalm tattoo” where some of the silver from an Amalgalm Filling has rubbed onto the cheek

2. Gently clean the area with brushing and rinsing

Small white lesion

1. Check your dentist about this lesion because it could be pre-cancerous

Burning Gums and/or roof of mouth

1. Ask your doctor for a prescription for antiviral medications

2. Use ibuprofen for pain control

3. Try a topical application of 20% Benzocaine for the discomfort

Gum Surgery

1. After the time determined by your dentist, rinse with warm salt water (1/2 tsp salt in 8 oz of water to help with the discomfort

2. Try taking vitamin C to help quicken the healing period


Sore Gums

1. Purchase Peroxyl to rinse with

2. Brush your gums and teeth CAREFULLY

3. Call your dentist for evaluation

Sore after scaling and root planning

1. Follow after care instructions given to you

2. Use fluoride rinse

3. Try eating soft foods

4. Continue to gently brush and clean the area well